At ABC Kidz Educare we use the Birth to Four years Curriculum (BT4) of the National Curriculum Framework (NCF) together with the Early Learning Development Areas (ELDAs) and (STEAM) Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths.

The Curriculum include lesson plans, routines, assessments, stimulations, reports, guidance in learning areas and classrooms that are invitations to play. Everything that we do in our ECD Centre daily contributes to the Curriculum.

The BT4 and the ELDAs help prepare the children for the National Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS) for age 5 and beyond matric. The Birth to Four Curriculum (BT4) is a Play-based curriculum which allows children to learn the skills they need in a structured environment with the help and supervision of an experienced practitioner who knows how to take interests and experiences and turn them into learning moments.

We deliver a high-quality, play based ECD (Early Childhood Development) programme in a classroom setting that encourages learning,and provides a safe and nurturing, high quality and affordable ECD environment. We actively nurture, support, educate and encourage children in their early years which ultimately ensures that each child is able to grow and develop at their own pace. 


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